Why Jeff Sessions?


Devin Thompson

This will be the first time I write something for RadioHaven.com, and I thought of numerous topics I wanted to cover, but with watching the Jeff Sessions hearing today, I couldn’t pass up on not talking about it.  Over the last year, I as well as others have witnessed liberals divide this country in ways I don’t think conservatives ever thought possible, with their identity politics, hate speech, and rhetoric, but they superseded my expectations with the Jeff Sessions hearing. They didn’t care about his answers, what he was going to say, they only cared about pushing their own disgusting ideological narrative whether it was relevant or not. Liberals went on attack mode in an insane grandstanding manner, but they unfortunately did achieve their goal. Liberals made it seem like they were gaining traction on the Russian collusion narrative with the way they used immaculate fast talking semantics, with Jeff Sessions appeaing slow, dim witted, or just unable to tell the truth, he appeared guilty.

What I think is important to state, Sessions never once conceded to the liberals or made a mistake regarding their ridiculous Russia theory Trump and his campaign colluded together to “steal” the election. Not once. They badgered a man they ideologically don’t agree with, so they questioned him endlessly changing the same question multiple times in hopes of catching him in a lie, but they didn’t. What they did do however, was create doubt Sessions is being truthful in appearance. His slow, sometimes thoughtful, and sometimes dodging manner gave liberals the ability to pounce upon him at every question. This just may be his way, his cadence, but it makes him appear guilty. Now, I’m an independent voter who almost always sways conservative, and I have to say, if I concluded Sessions appeared guilty, so did the fake news media.

It only makes sense at this point for Trump to replace Sessions with someone who is more defiant, clear and concise. These, “I don’t recall” answers make him look as if he is hiding something or covering something up. Having Sessions go in front of any congressional hearing sets this country back from congress achieving anything. We all know Republicans are too afraid to take a stand, and liberals will cry every -ism in order to get what they want, so I think it’s time Trump fired Sessions, and appoints someone who i strong, quick, and concise as attorney general, anything less is a waste of four years.

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