What’s Biology Anyway


Devin Thompson

When I was in the womb, my father said he was absolutely elated when he saw I was a boy. He said, “I have a son”. My son who I will raise to be a man, a boy who I will love, and raise him to be a gentleman. Fast forward to present day, and now I am a gentleperson, not a gentleman. Now we have transgender, transracial, and Q. Now, I have absolutely no problem how you identify yourself, I really don’t care, but I do care that I have to acknowledge your identifier. You want to change millions of years of evolution (if your an atheist) or Gods definition of what race and gender is.

There is a new fad these days, Gender Fluidity I believe is the new term we have been indoctrinated into using nowadays by the left, where if you do not agree, you are deemed a bigot. A bigot against those who choose to live a different lifestyles vastly different then yours. It’s a very interesting concep, labeling someone a bigot, but it appears very acceptable today whether true or not.

I have no problem what people do with their lives, and could absolutely care less, but when you want me to accept your beliefs based on feelings, absolutely not, and it’s my G– Damn right to do so here in America. Last time I checked, this is America, and we can choose to believe in whatever we want. If I see a dude walking down the street in a dress, I’m going to think that’s a dude wearing a dress. Not that is one ugly woman wearing a dress.

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