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Devin Thompson

A little over a week ago, I noticed the London Mayor was engaging in a local discussion event housed in London, and was asking twitter followers for suggestions regarding what topics he felt should be asked.  Of course, being an ardent opposer to Mr. Khan, and his fruitful open door policy of Middle Eastern refugees, I thought one of the topics should be about the increase in Middle Eastern refugees and acid attacks on his constituents.  I didn’t even think it was that controversial, but the thought police and twitter thugs decided it was just too much after the good Mayor of London reported it, and I was quickly shut down on twitter.

My account was suspended claiming it was harmful to another group. I wish I had the tweet, but was forced to delete

it, But here is an example of what Twitter apparently deems within their guidelines.

Funny, my reaction to another group using acid against innocent people was considered harmful to others, when they are the aggressors.  Unfortunately, my voice caused the entire radio haven family to be shut down.  The main page was labeled a bot page, and two other accounts created by Jeffrey Hansen were also labeled bot.  This was never my intention, but I still believe I should have a free voice to criticize how the ruling class runs a major networking city.

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Where has society gone to where we can no longer have a voice, or that social media policies deem what is inappropriate?  I don’t know the politics of Mr. Hansen, all I know is that he claims he wants his website to be a free forum to those who want to have a voice.  This is what freedom of speech is supposed to be about, not what Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat are all deciding to do.  I will continue to have a voice against an opposing party who decide what is free and what is not, what is appropriate and what is not, and whether something that is tweeted should be banned due to hurt feelings.

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