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Charlotte, North Carolina

A woman accused of trying to open a plane's door while airborne engaged in "aggressive, abusive and dangerous behavior," the airliner told the BBC. https://t.co/B8loTap5yz

Apparently some people who work at “The Happiest Place on Earth” aren’t feeling too happy. https://t.co/QjC2AkqwJg

Congratulations to Tatiana Lo, Tamara Davis, Owen Parker, and Damola Ogunyomi. these @RCCCedu students won Leadership Awards for their dedication to academics, student life and volunteerism. All were selected by the student body, staff, and advisors.


The CDC has declared an E. coli outbreak involving several recalled brands of flour is over, but is warning people the recalled products may still be in their pantries. https://t.co/JrTycoa9kE

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