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"We're deliberately injuring children under this administration."

Sen. Merkley joins @AlexWitt to discuss migrant detention centers and his new book, 'America is Better Than This', which addresses the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Treasury Sec. Mnuchin told Fox News that Pres. Trump should be taken literally most of the time.

Later in the interview, Mnuchin said that he didn't think Pres. Trump calling Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell "an enemy" was a literal comment.

Rep. Barbara Lee joins @TheRevAl to discuss growing support for impeachment of Pres. Trump in Congress, with 133 representatives supporting at least an impeachment inquiry.

Ms. Nevada has been stripped of her crown. She claims it's because she supports President Trump. Organizers say she violated social media rules.

Fmr. GOP Rep. Joe Walsh announced he will be running against Pres. Trump for president in a primary, saying he's "sorry" for helping Trump get elected.

@kendisgibson: "He's the same Donald Trump, are you a different Joe Walsh? You've had similar views."

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