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Three of the 2020 Democratic front-runners would be over 70 at inauguration. What are voters thinking about the 2020 Democratic candidates’ ages? Steve Kornacki breaks down the poll results.

"The President... participated in a contract award to his own business. This is the figurative equivalent of - he reaches into the treasury, grabs a chunk of money, and says ‘Don’t worry, I’m not taking more than I’m spending.’" - Walter Shaub

"It is very strange... I am searching for - as we all should be as Americans - a plausible explanation for Donald Trump’s deep affinity for Vladimir Putin to the detriment of our national interest." - Fmr. National Security Advisor Susan Rice

"We don’t know how this will play out other than to say that Trump has unleashed vast quantities of human suffering." - Steve Schmidt returns after several months off-air with plenty to say about current events.

"We are retreating and the symbolism… of the Russians taking over an American base [in Syria] kind of sums it up. Who wins from this? Assad, the Syrian regime, Russia and Iran." - Fmr. Amb. to Russia Michael McFaul

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