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"Football is best played by the desperate, men with limited options. The knock against Kyler Murray as a football player has been consistent, he’s more entitled than desperate."

@WhitlockJason explains why Murray’s options should be a major red flag for NFL

It’s not the warrior who’s never been knocked down that you should fear…

Watch the 2019 Women’s World Cup this June on FOX. #AllEyesOnUS

"I wouldn't draft Kyler Murray, I'd stay with Josh Rosen... What I think the Cardinals should do with the No. 1 pick is get Nick Bosa, the best pass rusher in college football." — @ColinCowherd

"Russell Westbrook has never been built for the postseason and there's three reasons why:

1) He doesn't adapt
2) He's difficult to coach
3) He's volatile... He's a liability to the franchise. He's one of the 10 worst contracts in sports." — @ColinCowherd

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