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.@MarcellusWiley has a theory on how the Cowboys are handling Dak and Zeke’s contract negotiations

"Jerry might be in the works of trying to go bottom-up with this… Maybe they sign up everyone else and then they force the hand of those remaining."

Today’s #Whitlogue: "Last night’s disaster is another sign Jimmy G’s lottery contract might bankrupt him as a franchise QB." — @WhitlockJason

"Trevor Lawrence is the best college QB I've seen since Andrew Luck... This guy is going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer" — @ColinCowherd

“Patrick Mahomes’ NFL record, he’s a winner... 6-7 is Baker Mayfield’s record, he is some winner.”

@ColinCowherd wants to see the Browns QB prove it on the field following Daniel Jones comments

.@Chris_Broussard on NBA rookies survey saying Cam Reddish will have a better career than Zion:

"This was major disrespect to Zion. These players are showing you, 'We don't think Zion's gonna be that great.'"

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