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New York, New York


GOOD SAMARITAN KILLED: Police say a Bronx man was killed by a single punch to the face Friday morning. The good Samaritan was reportedly trying to break up a fight when he was attacked. His killer is still on the run. #CBSNewYork

DEVELOPING: An MTA computer system failure is being blamed for stranding riders on 7 subway lines Friday evening. Service has reportedly been restored but significant delays may remain. #CBSNewYork

"By any measure, we are the most reliable electric delivery system in the United States." Con Edison is insisting they are confident in their system ahead of this weekend's heat wave.

CRYING FOWL: Animal rescuers say young ducks and chickens are getting dumped across New York City, and they think school hatching projects are the cause.

DESPERATE SEARCH: Thomas Kelsey was last seen leaving a restaurant in Lindenhurst almost two weeks ago. Friends say there hasn't been any sign of him or his SUV since then.

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