Why Tom Brady, not Colin Kaepernick, has ruined football


Mike Sullivan

A long time ago, a backup QB entered into a game following an injury to the starter. He played with poise, awareness, and hit every wide out with confidence. It was then, God had decided it was time, and thus began the end for football as we know it.

That season, we saw the dawning of a new dynasty spawned from an unholy matrimony between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that continues to this day. From scandals to cheating, the two have endured a relationship that has brought five SB to New England, but what happens if they win a sixth? It will spell the end to the NFL everywhere if they win against the Eagles.

Tom Brady is a very unlikable QB, well except in New England of course, but for the rest of the nation, he’s despised. With good cause mind you. He is the only QB linked to several outstanding scandals, calls, and protection no other QB has ever received in the history of the NFL. Defensive players aren’t allowed to hit him, breathe near him, even whisper his name. Wide receivers can do no wrong, and get every single call necessary to ensure a win.

Colin Kaepernick on the other hand is a fool who kneels during the national anthem, he’s just as unlikable as Tom Brady. He came up with this farce about social injustice because he got caught pouting in the bench during the national anthem, nothing else. He’s not going to sway me from watching the game, he’s a dope, put him in the game, and hope someone obliterates him. I don’t care. That’s my opinion, but I’m watching the game I love, and for me, Tom Brady’s preferential treatment has ruined the game.

Let’s look at the biggest example:

The Tuck Rule

Patriots 16, Raiders 13
Divisional Round, Jan. 19, 2002

This was the first major incident involving the preferential treatment Tom Brady received. Football fans were extremely fortunate tim see what was to become and the shifting or a need for a football dynasty in New England’s favor. How they were chosen, I don’t know, but we watched Pittsburgh, the 49’s, the Cowboys all dominate for several seasons, and I guess it was time. Enter the Tuck Rule.

Late in the game, trailing Oakland by a touchdown, Tom Brady was strip sacked losing the football to the raiders. The ball was called in their favor, and it appeared Oakland would seek its second SB win, having not won one since Madden and Stabler.

Something odd happened. A force beyond anyone’s control. The sack was called, but the ref called it New England’s ball. How? It’s 17 years later, and I am still perplexed how this occurred. The game was over, or was it?

The ref decided or the powers in charge chose to use a rule no one had ever heard of, The Tuck Rule. What is the tuck rule, we’ll I found probably the best explanation from a website called sportingcharts.com:

“A former NFL rule that was introduced in 1999, it states that when an offensive player is holding the ball to make a forward pass, an intentional forward movement of his arm is considered the start of a forward pass. Therefore even if the player loses possession of the ball while changing his mind and bringing the ball back to his body – it’s ruled an incomplete pass.”

That’s right, a rule that makes absolutely no sense in the world decided the outcome of an AFC championship. Oakland would go on to lose and the rest is history, but Tom Brady’s storied career started with scandal, and continues to this day, while Colin Kaepernick laughs with his 45 million dollars being a SJW.


Mike Sullivan | Radio Haven

Head Contributing writer for Sports

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