The Democrat Party


Devin Thompson

It’s unbelievable what is happening to the Democrat party just in the last year since Trump was elected into office by we the people. It seems at every corner there is a new way Democrats are trying to subvert democracy exposing a major divide within their party. Gone are the days of fighting for the working people of America, and hello to Illegal Immigration, Refugees from Muslim countries, Me Too movements and LGTBQ insanity.

Now, I have absolutely no issue with bringing in refugees, Muslim or not, giving rights to LGBTQ similar to non.  Why would I? Everyone deserves the ability to a safe and happy life, but not in the manner the Democrats are attempting to do so.

Pinning identity politics against one another seems to be the strategy the left has decided to engage in against republican or conservative people.  If you disagree with their proposals, you are immediately labeled a racist, and threatened by gangs of ANTIFA nuts claiming you are a fascist. I actually don’t believe any of them can even spell that correctly, but that’s another OpEd.

The question is, what is the end game here for America by allowing illegal immigrants to vote illegally in our elections, changing the religious demographics to a more hostile refugee Muslim who does not seek to be an American, all the while stating LGTBQ are being persecuted by republicans?

The Answer:

It’s a designed war to gain power over the working evangelicals or Christians in this country, as many Democrats blame them for losing against Trump.  Plain and simple.

Moving in poor illegal immigrants garner more votes for democrats, while democrats are simultaneously diluting the prominent religion in the US. They are openly shifting identity politics to take shape outside of the religious confines liberals believe they are being held to. This can be dangerous.

Whether representatives like Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Eric Swalwell, and others truly believe in any of this doesn’t matter.  They have made a choice for the entire Democrat Party to try to subvert our democratic process by engaging in infiltration purposes in order to stay in power.

Trump at this point seems to recognize this dangerous strategy, but Americans need to decide where they would like there America to be in the next fifty years.

*Devin Thompson is a contributing writer for, and his views do not represent the website,but of his own.

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