Thanksgiving, Veterans, Kaepernick, Franken


Mike Stallworth

I have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving, I have a loving wife, a job, a house with a mortgage, and three healthy children, but the news today being reported is no more uplifting than when I was growing up. Every time I go to websites like yahoo or MSNBC, I read Trump bashing articles or Colin Kaepernick stories about him being blackballed from the NFL due to his so called extreme views. It becomes overwhelming after a while, and I don’t truthfully understand as to why.

Trump is an interesting man to say the least, he seems pretty narsacistic and in love with himself, but is he truly as bad as he seems? Colin Kaepernick just went to an unthanksgiving yesterday, a day all Americans should feel blessed they are Americans, and yet this yahoo exploited the day by getting press with an unthanksgiving. Al Franken molested more women and yet the left is ok with it because he pushes their agenda, and a woman raised 280,000 for a homeless vet, but why was he homeless in the first place.

These are stories that have been inundating the news cycle for the last few weeks that have just absolutely been bothering me, and it prompted me to write this and just send it in to We need less stories hating Trump, less stories praising Kaepernick, more stories asking Franken to resign, and more stories helping our veterans. Anything less is a disservice to the people of America.


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