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The Chris Plante Show
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Chris Plante

About to go live coast to coast - in for my pal @ChrisPlanteShow 9-Noon ET on great stations like @WMALDC @wlsam890 and @kcmotalkradio. Today’s show featuring my interview with @LaraLeaTrump is about to be posted at https://t.co/L7sdlAkNHX or wherever you stream podcasts!

From January 1 - July 8th, MSNBC referred to this group of 4 freshmen Democrats as 'The Squad' zero times.

From July 8th through now, they've used the name 47 times.

These scary military vehicles on the streets of D.C. frightened the little people at the WAPO and at CNN.

Or not. Since it was the last left wing march with the pink hats.

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The Rush Limbaugh Show
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The Larry O’Connor Show
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My beautiful real estate agent wife @LorettaGrayVA had a @longandfoster event tonight that I was happy to learn was a benefit for @FisherHouseFdtn, a fantastic organization that helps military members and their families


Tomorrow I'll be publishing an op ed on why I think the term "people/women of color" erases Black representation and hijacks the legacy of Black America. I hope you'll read.

Thanks for being a loyal listener!

By the way... calling a black man a "traitor to his race" is kind of racist.

Have a good day! https://t.co/avgLnBTi5K

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The Mark Levin Show
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Mark Levin
Listen to Rush Limbaugh

#HappeningNowWMAL: @AnnCoulter joins The @LarryOConnor Show now on @WMALDC.


“I HOPE most of this stuff is fiction! 😳”—@WMALDC’s @LarryOConnor to @MatthewBetley on the former Marine’s new thriller RULES OF WAR 🎧 https://t.co/wvzFIYtwCc

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