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TMA Morning Show with Charlie James

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The Chris Plante Show

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The Clark Howard Show

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Team Clark is hiring: We're looking for an experienced writer to join our awesome team! If you're passionate about #personalfinance and helping people #savemoney, please send writing samples to clarkhowardsite@gmail.com

Money expert Clark Howard never buys an extended warranty. If you buy a reliable car and follow the maintenance schedule, you shouldn't need it, unless... Here's Clark's exception to the rule 🚗🚗🚗 https://t.co/8sIOPhduc2

#carbuying #newcar #usedcar #carinsurance #vehicles

Money expert Clark Howard says that borrowing against your retirement plan is a sure way to sabotage your future...it's almost never a good idea. Here's why 🚫🚫🚫 https://t.co/xO6VyZEpTe

#retirementplanning #retirement #401K #financialplanning

A deal approved by the Department of Justice merges @TMobile and @sprint into one wireless carrier. Clark says it's a WIN-WIN for consumers! Here's what it means for you...

#cellphone #mobilephone #merger https://t.co/iHWMIDFlgS

Clark at @childrensatl talking to the cutest super hero, fighting lymphoma at @wsbradio's Care-a-Thon. The live broadcast ends today at 6pm ET.

Donations will help fund family support services and research. To make a donation visit 💲 https://t.co/9pD8poCgem


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The Ben Shapiro Show

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WATCH & JOIN: As vile & violent antisemitism rises across the globe & in America, even in Congress, a new movement is needed to take bold action. To see how you can help in the fight by uniting with Americans Against Antisemitism - visit https://t.co/llahuSzPvm to add your voice!

THIS WEEK! @BenShapiro will be taking Backstage LIVE, August 21st, to the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California.

Check it out: https://t.co/jHck08MbKL

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The Mark Levin Show

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The Steny Hoyer scandal.

Thanks to this Democratic-Party planted propaganda in the Jerusalem Post, we now know it’s Steny Hoyer who’s behind the effort to smear Dermer, Friedman and Trump, and in support of Tlaib and Omar....

And what about April Ryan’s role?  She didn’t want the journalist in the room after he’d apparently sought and received permission.  The  bodyguard whispered to her before engaging violently against the journalist. 

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