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Alpert claims that her client Munchel told authorities that it was his mother's idea to enter the Capitol and that he followed her to "keep an eye on her."

The FBI agent agrees.

In the 'It's Still A Good Life" episode of the #twilightzone a then child actor Bill Mummy 'wishes them to the cornfield' those he doesnt like or disagrees with. I kind of feel like that when I block ppl on @Twitter or @Facebook 😉

New @progvoice Podcast (1/22/21): "#PresidentBiden's Plan for #Infrastructure, #CleanEnergy and American #Manufacturing" by @LeslieMarshall with expert guest, President of @KeepitMadeinUSA, @ScottPaulAAM
#BuildBackBetter #MADEinUSA #UnionStrong #1u

President Biden: "I don't believe Democrats or Republicans are going hungry and losing their jobs. I believe Americans are going hungry and losing their jobs. And we have the tools to fix it."

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