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As climate change makes fire seasons hotter and longer in the U.S., about 20,000 firefighters are currently working to contain blazes across the country. A new book tells the story of the incarcerated women on California's firefighting crews.

Once the flourishing port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Trieste became a largely forgotten borderland after World War I. But today, those who visit find a rich literary legacy in a city that's lured great authors from Ranier Maria Rilke to James Joyce.

Aduhelm received what's known as accelerated approval from the FDA despite an advisory panel's recommendation that the agency not approve the drug. Meanwhile, doctors who treat Alzheimer's patients are preparing to prescribe it without much guidance.

"Shakespeare is really fruitful territory for exploring questions about social difference of all kinds," scholar Patricia Akhimie says. "There are lots of characters who are extremely eloquent at asking: Why am I an outsider, and is that fair?"

Putting your life on the line in exchange for a maximum of $5 a day - because other options are bleaker. @kicklikeagirl1 chronicles the lives of incarcerated women who fight California's deadliest fires. Produced/edited by @alejanse_/@hey_hashbrown @npratc

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