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Hackensack, New Jersey


I hope you'll consider starting your Sunday morning w/ me on @am970TheAnswer from 4-830AM ET. Guests include @KaytlinBailey, a former prostitute turned comedian & activist and @jowilliams293, Associate editor of @spikedonline and a #Brexit thought leader.

It was such a treat to co-host w/ @JonBramnick & @algattullo yesterday. If you missed the show you can listen to it here. https://t.co/u8dK8qgS40

“The dumpster fire that he’s created in the city in his time as @nycmayor gives us great opportunity to go fight back and put quality people in public office.” - @NickLangworthy , chair of @NewYorkGOP as heard on @KMCRadio

“It is a huge feat for #POTUS @realDonaldTrump to go into #NewMexico, a blue state, and bring huge crowds . I don’t blame the Democrats for trying to keep up with President Trump and his crowd sizes.” - @kayleighmcenany as heard on @am970TheAnswer and @KMCRadio

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