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Thanks to @JCNSeverino (Carrie Severino) and @MZHemingway for joining @KMCRadio in studio today! They discussed #Kavanaugh and the #JusticeOnTrial from @Regnery https://t.co/XU8qqG0kXZ

“It was part of the @whitehouse strategy to hold off on twitter and they at some point say ‘let it rip.” -@MZHemingway just now on @KMCRadio and @am970TheAnswer #JusticeOnTrial

“The way he talked about the #Kavanaugh hearings, I think he was tapping into what a lot of Americans were thinking.” - @JCNSeverino on @realDonaldTrump’s role during #KavanaughHearings as heard on @KMCRadio

“It was such a circus-like atmosphere with Senator Coons trying to lobby @JeffFlake . Senator Flake shoved into a small phone booth with Senators yelling at each other almost coming to blows.” - @JCNSeverino with @KMCRadio

.@KMCRadio on @am970TheAnswer continues with @MZHemingway @JCNSeverino to talk #JusticeOnTrial from @Regnery Next ! https://t.co/2bVWhm8UZ7

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