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Hackensack, New Jersey


Thanks to @BernardKerik ; @RealDrGina of @AVoiceNews ; @NMalliotakis and @landmark_gold for joining @KMCRadio ! https://soundcloud.com/kmcradio/kmcradio-kerik-malliotakis-loudon-react-to-crime-spikes-across-the-country

"We lost American lives and Susan Rice was complicit in the cover-up of #Benghazi. She bald-faced lied to Americans watching news shows. I don't know if @JoeBiden is serious about her on the ticket, but you compare her to @VP Pence? Night and day difference! " - @KMCRadio

"George Washington warned: unsecured paper money would ruin commerce, oppress the honest, and open the door to every species of fraud and injustice. This financial drug is going to run out and we'll have to pay the debt!" - @landmark_gold 's David Fischer on @KMCRadio !

" We've fought for common sense fixes to #bailreform. Judges once again have discretion if the individual commits manslaughter, homicide, felony drug charges, assault. It's frustrating that i have to spend time fighting back to get these fixes!"- @NMalliotakis on @KMCRadio

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