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Haskell has been pushed back close to sunset, other races have been canceled because of heatwave — and public pressure https://t.co/Vv6TRijUvz

Route 37 east/westbound - TWO LANES BLOCKED at Fischer Boulevard in Toms River with a crash. Tunney & Mathis Bridges are open @BobWilliamsTraf @TomsRiverPolice @OceanCounty911 https://t.co/AlsKQLi6vl

Route 37 east/west - CLOSED at Fishcher Boulevard in Toms River with a crash @BobWilliamsTraf @TomsRiverPolice @OceanCounty911 https://t.co/AlsKQLi6vl

Due to the excessive heat warning, Sunday night's Big Joe Jersey Talent Show at Jenkinson's has been canceled. See our post for more info. https://t.co/MezAAxuYSx

Pulaski Skyway - CLOSED in both directions for pier replacement work until 5 a.m. Monday morning @BobWilliamsTraf @AlexLeeMedia https://t.co/BodZJSYGOc

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