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.@SeanHannity  - CDC finally revise mask guidance… “Refreshingly transparent” Joe refuses to say if he approved pipeline ransom payment…media mob deflect from Joe’s mid-east crisis, gas crisis, inflation crisis & border crisis. TODAY

.@SeanHannity - #NewsRoundup – Joe’s weak leadership invites chaos in the Middle East, with over 1000 rockets fired at Israel in 2 days. IDF Spokesman .@LTCJonathan Conricus joins Sean NEXT

.@SeanHannity – We now know that widespread economic lockdowns as a response to COVID were basically unneeded, and devastating to Americans. VP of FreedomWorks + author of “When Politicians Panicked” .@johntamny joins Sean NEXT

.@SeanHannity - RINO Liz Cheney is ousted from GOP leadership, suddenly becomes the darling of the media mob… all of whom are covering up for inept Joe & his myriad of urgent crises. Media personality .@BillOReilly joins Sean NEXT

.@SeanHannity - WHERE’S JOE?: Amid urgent gas crisis, attack on our fuel system, war in Israel, & DOW down: Joe is MIA …media suddenly fall in love w/irrelevant Liz Cheney… celebrities blame Israel, not the attackers launching rockets at civilians. TODAY

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