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With years of financial experience that includes being the founding partner of his own investment management firm, popular syndicated radio talk show host, Tom Sullivan brings his portfolio of financial knowledge to television. He tackles current economic questions and issues, bringing in expert guests to join in the discussions. Topics up for debate include foreclosure, debt, economic growth, and the market


@sullivanradio Serious question Tom.
Do “Conservatives” even know what the line of succession is should anything happen to POTUS.
Just so they know-tRump is NOT on that list!

@sullivanradio Tom, I hope we learn if you have these power drunk politicians the keys to our country, they are going to keep crashing us from the left ditch, to the right ditch. All we want to do as a country, is stay on the damn road!! Get it guys!!

@sullivanradio our almost past president couldn't understand why people would go into the military either. You will recall his conversation with John Kelly.

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