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Even if you disagree on #impeachment, speech by @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy was extraordinary-wonderful, much needed! Recognizing #Biden won the election, the riot was no #antifa fake, Trump must take responsibility- but nat'l unity should take priority to a hurry-up #impeachment.

If #Trump wants to avoid #impreachment, resignation, there's one thing he MUST do: unequivocally discourage the #MillionMilitiaMarch on 1/17, and other planned protests 1/20. He may hate the idea,but both nation and outgoing @POTUS need united acceptance of election results.

In Aug,1974, GOP Senators Goldwater, Scott & Rhodes went to the White House to tell #Nixon he had to resign. Today, Senators McConnell, Grassley & Tim Scott should convey same message to #Trump. Resignation is much better than impeachment - for sake of USA, GOP & Trump himself.

Bravo! Very gratified to see that @Mike_Pence is doing the right thing by attending the inauguration -- as I urged in a @USATODAY column more than a month ago-- a gesture that will provide the country with a much-needed message of reconciliation, patriotism & sanity.

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