Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla

12pm-3pm EST
Studio Talk Line: (888) 788-9910
Format: Conservative Talk

Jimmy Failla is an American stand-up comedian, TV Pundit, Author, and Host of the syndicated “Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla,” which airs 12-3 Monday-Friday on Fox News Radio.
Born: December 17, 1976

Okay we ALL knew it was gonna be boring.

But NONE of us knew it was gonna be *3-days-of-photoshopping-Bernie* boring.

Here’s a great talk about Freedom and Football with Franchise QB @Jim_Jordan

Fox Across America is Bernin’ up the airwaves with Big Game Congressman ⁦@Jim_Jordan⁩ / Multimedia Matinee Idol ⁦@jasonrantz⁩ / Power The Future Founder & Fox Fan Fav ⁦@DanielTurnerPTF⁩ - listen live on radio or http://FoxAcrossAmerica.Com

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