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Dennis Mark Prager is an American conservative radio talk show host and writer. Born into an Orthodox Jewish family, his initial political work concerned Soviet Jews who were unable to immigrate. He gradually began offering more and broader commentary on politics. His views generally align with social conservatism.
Born: August 2, 1948
Birthplace: New York, New York


I spoke to Megyn Kelly for an hour today about the unprecedented crisis America is confronting. You can listen here:

I’ve thought about the big subjects since the age of thirteen. Is there a God? Is there an afterlife? Why do good people suffer? It made my dating life challenging! @CharlesMizrahi welcomes me on #CharlesMizrahiShow to discuss these important questions.

There is no wisdom at college. None. Colleges are wisdom-free. @CharlesMizrahi and I discuss why schools are failing our young people, and what we can do about it. #CharlesMizrahiShow

BREAKING: We are officially announcing a lockdown protest in Los Angeles.

When: Sunday 12/6/20
Time: 6pm

Go to to find event details and sign up!


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