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BREAKING: Trump slams Biden on Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause, floats Pfizer conspiracy
“The results of this vaccine have been extraordinary but now (its) reputation will be permanently challenged,” Trump said in an emailed statement.

A very thick marine layer today for just about all of us. Here it is overtaking the top of #MtWilson at about 5,700 ft. @KNX1070 @AlertWildfire

Orange County is refusing, ​as of now, to require vaccine passports.

Still some light rain being squeezed out of this thick marine layer along the #210fwy thru #Fontana Watch out for some slick spots. @KNX1070 #knxtraffic @Caltrans8

Crash in #Anaheim on the SB #5fwy before Euclid is affecting the left side of the drive. A little slow now from Brookhurst. @KNX1070 #knxtraffic @CaltransOC

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