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Santa Cruz, California


Journalist @pomeranian99 talks to host @kgojason about his latest book on computer programmers:

"If you use an AI that can't make moral judgments & it just makes pattern matches, all you're going to do is replicate the biases from the past," 🎙️

On at 4:06pm: Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter @mrichtel talks to Chip & Nikki about his new book, "An Elegant Defense", available now.

Listen live:

New York Times best-selling author @steven_kotler joins host @kgojason on #Techonomics to share his latest book, "Last Tango in Cyberspace".

It addresses what Kotler sees as mission critical to navigate the coming century: empathy. 📻

Longtime @sfchronicle columnist @leahgarchik spoke with @ronnowens today about her retirement, the San Francisco Society, the impact of social media on her work & what she has planned for the future 👇

As promised on our @KGO810 show, here are the most popular #baby names in #California for last year. Among my faves: Mateo, Luna and Aria

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