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The fascinating account of the rise & fall of the DeLorean Motor Company. Special guest Author/Employee #16 Nick Sutton

Join me on these Saturday stations @PulseRadioAZ @KFNX_Headlines & podcast upload Sunday morning https://t.co/V7eMxtmGEP #FramingJohnDeLorean #wrenchnation

This show is 🤯! Listen live NOW at https://t.co/AEGvOdnvB0 on @KFNX_Headlines as we chat Nick Sutton, former DeLorean employee and author of The #DeLorean Story - The Car, The People, The Scandal. #cartalkradio #wrenchnation

Former Army National Guard, Sgt. Derrick Miller, who had his sentence reduced for killing an Afghan civilian in 2010, is teaming up with House Republicans to form a new caucus to defend soldiers wrongly or overly-convicted of war crimes. | @foxandfriends

#JaredKushner reveals his peace plan: throw BILLIONS in cash

Here's my PEACE plan:
stop getting involved in foreign entanglements
stop being unpaid mercenaries for Israel/Saudis
stop letting an unelected son-in-law set policy

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