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Morgantown, West Virginia

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Did Mon County Commission President Tom Bloom steal the idea for a "bad roads bracket" from Dave & Sarah? https://t.co/DQ4Q7qYH6X

Bridgeport City Councilman Dustin Vincent describes the plans for the new $55 million indoor Recreaction Complex to be built in the Charles Pointe Development. https://t.co/55INtgNGNw

Today on the show... we'll talk to @Morgantown_WV 3rd Ward Councilman Ryan Wallace about his announcement that he is pulling out of the race for city council. Talk of the Town gets started at 9:06 on @WAJRNEWS. https://t.co/s8fyQB8xFG

Harrison County Commissioner Patsy Trecost joined the show on Thursday and talked about how the drug epidemic is costing taxpayers. https://t.co/Gw2Hkcxi5h

Talking to @MorriseyWV on the show today at 9:15. Later Harrison County Commissioner Patsy Trecost will talk about the county's budget for FY21. Plus some thoughts on #FTDR & the lawsuit filed against @Morgantown_WV. @WAJRNEWS @WVMetroNews

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