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REP. ILHAN OMAR: Sen Lindsey Graham is gay and Trump must be blackmailing him. That's why he's done a 180 on everything he claimed he believed 2 years ago.
SOUTH CAROLINIANS: Nah. He does this every time he's up for reelection. https://t.co/TlTz3t7cOo

I'm glad he gets to have a some fun when such evil is against him.

Timing is everything ..

3 YEARS AGO, SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM SAID WE SHOULDN'T DEPORT ILLEGALS because their family members who are citizens would get mad and not vote GOP. GOP leadership wrote a report on how the only way to get Hispanic votes was mass amnesty. They were wrong. https://t.co/0ttoNpkNx8

Just once, @SenatorTimScott, find the guts to call out the other side for their endless racism and anti-Semitism the way you just did the GOP leadership. Here you go. I'm waiting. https://t.co/rrsbPdW88x

A CRISIS ACCORDING TO LIBERALS: Mass shooting deaths since 1966: 1,135
NOT A CRISIS TO ACCORDING TO LIBERALS: Homicide arrests of illegals in the last 2 years: 4,000 https://t.co/Zlga9gC4oY

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The Vince Coakley Radio program
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I like this kid
https://t.co/zOyUomw7Zb https://t.co/zOyUomw7Zb

Give media outlets the narrative they want and "presto" you have a news story
https://t.co/psk9lTjYAH https://t.co/psk9lTjYAH

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The Rush Limbaugh Show
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The Bob McLain Show


The Dave Ramsey Show
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Everyone has an opinion about debt... @RachelCruze discusses some of the lies people have believed about how to get out of it on her ALL-NEW podcast.
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Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. - MLK. Celebrate the man AND what he stood for.

What if you NEVER had another payment again? It's possible. Really.
Start making progress TODAY: https://t.co/yIQK9IW4RI

I'm ready for California! Join me in LA today for an #EverydayMillionaires book signing!

#EverydayMillionaires stay away from debt for a reason. I'll be on Cavuto: Coast to Coast with @teamcavuto on @FoxBusiness around 12:35 pm ET to tell you why.

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A Flood Advisory has been issued for our listening area until 5:30 am 1/20/19 https://t.co/fr24qAkYAI #FloodAdvisory #Weather

Trump Offers Deal https://t.co/rrm4Ic4NNT via @1063word

Watch Live: President Trump addresses nation: https://t.co/U2TzUso0eG

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