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The Tara Show
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YOU deserve to know the truth about Twitter’s filtering and censorship practices. #StopTheBias

Watch Twitter CEO @Jack testify @HouseCommerce at 1:30PM ET https://t.co/hCgPPbdrdr

If you didn’t believe in the Deep State before, it just took out an advertisement in The New York Times. https://t.co/88lV3j703K

August unemployment held steady at 3.9%.
Note: The unemployment rate in America has only been below 4% nine times since 1970. Four of those times have occurred THIS year!

Dems’ platform:
🔴Abolish ICE
🔴Impeach @POTUS
🔴Raise taxes
🔴Bankrupt Medicare

This should scare all Americans.

It’s time for Congress to make sure Google lives up to its old motto: “Don’t Be Evil.” #StopTheBias

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The Vince Coakley Radio program
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Staying put...for at least 3 days
https://t.co/huUlAGI7Wv https://t.co/huUlAGI7Wv

Breaking News
https://t.co/OXndqAnu8b https://t.co/OXndqAnu8b

Fasten your seat belts
https://t.co/8JPvqvpTyR https://t.co/8JPvqvpTyR

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The Rush Limbaugh Show
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The Bob McLain Show


The Dave Ramsey Show
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If you're #debtfree with a 3-6 month emergency fund in place, it's time to make your money work for YOU. Get a trustworthy Pro on your side to help you invest in what's right for you: https://t.co/jJXPUJxbwY

Christmas isn't a financial emergency. It's in December again this year—be an adult and plan for it!

My team has put together a FREE guide to help you start saving cash NOW: https://t.co/hMnoDtpcFN

Growth equals change.

Great advice on how to adapt a growing business on this week's @EntreLeadership podcast

iOS: https://t.co/glvePqivac Android: https://t.co/foi1IfSKbW

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House will pass $1.6B disaster recovery funding tomorrow to help NC and SC rebuild from Hurricane Florence. I wrote with colleagues from the two states last week requesting funds. More $ will be required once extent of damage is known. Will cont to work to help recovery effort

Due to illness the Brandi Carlile performances in Greenville, SC and Columbia, SC will be cancelled. Ticket refunds available at point of purchase. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

“Remarks by President Trump to the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly” ➡️https://t.co/Oshhko61zY


Tara's Tirade 9-25-18: Massive new study shows that from very young, girls are inherently better at reading and writing than boys are. So why no special programs? @TaraServatius​ believes it's because our educators don't care if boys succeed. #TarasTirade


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