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The Tara Show
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THE SAME DEAL THEY GAVE HILLARY ... BEFORE THEY LET HER DESTROY THE EMAILS. So .... why doesn't Trump, who has had to turn over 1 million documents to Mueller, get this deal????????? #dualjusticesystem https://t.co/zn8idVB1be

SO WHEN SHOULD WE EXPECT THE MIDNIGHT RAID ON KAVANAUGH'S HOUSE? Isn't that the way Rosenstein and the #FBLie roll? And where is #RipVanSessions? https://t.co/HuJs7DC3KG

HOW COULD WE HAVE A NATIONAL MANHUNT FOR 3 CHILD GANG RAPISTS, AND NO ONE HAS HEARD ABOUT IT? Because it was 3 illegal immigrants who kidnapped them. How on earth have we not heard about this anywhere but Breitbart, and the local Bowling Green news? https://t.co/XyK4fFOIHN

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The Vince Coakley Radio program
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Retweeted WBTV News (@WBTV_News):

#BREAKING: WBTV has learned there will be six "yes" votes at Monday's Charlotte special city council meeting to bring the RNC to Charlotte. This is from multiple sources. We're told, it'll get a green light. #cltcc

“Civil rights used to be about treating everyone the same. But today some people are so used to special treatment that equal treatment is considered to be discrimination.”

Shared today on Vince Coakley Radio
https://t.co/0vXGYsBr8w https://t.co/0vXGYsBr8w

Awesome news!
https://t.co/66xciuNjku https://t.co/66xciuNjku

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The Rush Limbaugh Show
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The Bob McLain Show


The Dave Ramsey Show
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A car salesman needs your money more than you need their car.

Get our car-buying checklist so you'll be the one with the upper hand. https://t.co/tk2RURGKmW

8 in 10 people that we surveyed say they know someone who's been a victim of identity theft. Quit taking chances. Save yourself the headache and get protected today https://t.co/YihHrAwpXc

A team that's learning is a team that's WINNING.

Great @EntreLeadership podcast this week with advice on building an "A-Team" from @johnsonwhitney https://t.co/glvePqivac

Look UP... and select your hat carefully. https://t.co/2Pnthjxj9F

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A Flood Advisory has been issued for our listening area until 1:00 pm 7/14/18 https://t.co/fr24qAkYAI #FloodAdvisory #Weather

McMaster Issues Changes to Medicaid | https://t.co/kkc3Ss0AxK via @AddThis

Birthday Food Drive: Little Girl Donates | https://t.co/H7vDcLBsAK via @AddThis

Tara's Tirade 7-13-18: Amongst all the furor over Peter Stzrok's testimony to Congress, many pundits have missed a detail related to Hillary Clinton's email server. But @TaraServatius​ didn't miss it...

https://t.co/Mq9pEOdFTU #TarasTirade

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