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The Tara Show
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DON'T WORRY. THE LEFT WILL TOTALLY GET SOCIALISM RIGHT THIS TIME ... if we just give them one more shot, er ... try.

A MIRACLE THE "EXPERTS" SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE JUST 3 YEARS AGO: "If the Hire American trend continues until the 2020 election, Trump will have delivered a historic wage increase of roughly 14 percent to more than 100 million American voters by election day." https://t.co/IouPCmMlHu

THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME TACTIC WE ARE NOW SEEING MS-13 USE IN NEW YORK ... where the NYPD announced last week that NYPD officers must vary their personal routines because MS-13 is promising to begin attacking them when they are off duty. https://t.co/CUvvQtTBuG

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The Vince Coakley Radio program
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Are you job hunting in the IT field?

My son and his partner have formed an LLC dedicated to helping people broaden their opportunities. Whether you’re a career professional, college grad or in between jobs, Millennius Informatica is... https://t.co/lGLWmP5fWJ

Shared today on Vince Coakley Radio https://t.co/2qqCgNINsh

Fox News is now officially Sharia compliant
https://t.co/BOefdZLMmJ https://t.co/BOefdZLMmJ

Cultural suicide
https://t.co/x6nd4m8uoi https://t.co/x6nd4m8uoi

Fact stranger than fiction
https://t.co/uM5jEghPOf https://t.co/uM5jEghPOf

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The Rush Limbaugh Show
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The Bob McLain Show


The Dave Ramsey Show
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