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The Stephanie Miller Show
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9am-12am EST
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#TGIF! We've got @carlosalazraqui dazzling us with his vocal stylings LIVE in studio all morning... tune in!

@StephMillerShow @Thom_Hartmann I just noticed my donations from 2012 when it was first possible we could have TV with no Stephanie or Thom to stir me up in the morning.Getting ready to update my support, we need you more than ever! #IndictNowImpeachLater #mtpol

I never miss a show!! Listen and follow @StephMillerShow and become part of the (cue Mama’s box) “family.......we’re is family” https://t.co/TXTnQ2JIEc

We'll have @DGComedy joining us LIVE in studio for the last hour of our show today! Tune in.

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The Thom Hartmann Radio program
Call the Show – (202) 808-9925
12pm-3pm EST
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Trump Shutdown a Dream for the Small Government Far Right https://t.co/M4TcFN22lu

Macroon vs Le Pen Who Will Win The Yellow Vest Votes (2019) (w/Cole Stangler) https://t.co/6rzdw83UGW

Why Won’t Media Cover Protest Movements Accurately https://t.co/zXEhXNHowM

Rogue Regulator Says Nuclear is Failed Technology https://t.co/4ChQKt1tG5

Government Shutdown Expands Rank of Underwater Nation https://t.co/uwcBuDOchx

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The Ben Joravsky Show
3pm-6pm EST
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The Norman Goldman Show
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Three Chicago police officers found not guilty of conspiracy in the cover up of the Laquan McDonald shooting.

https://t.co/LgBOr5vgkA: What yrs as hotel worker taught this U.S. Congresswoman about ‘dignity of work’: US Rep @AyannaPressley: @thinkprogress @RevJJackson

.@SantitaJ on @WCPT820: 2-5pC/3-6pE; 773.763.WCPT/9278; #FacebookLive: WCPT 820 Chicago's P...

https://t.co/LgBOr5vgkA: Steve King’s Racism Must Be Formally Censured: @NicholsUprising .@RevJJackson

@SantitaJ TODAY on @WCPT820: 2-5pC/3-6pE; 773.763.WCPT/9278; #FacebookLive: WCPT 820 Chicago's Progressive Talk

Twitter: @santitaj

https://t.co/LgBOr5vgkA: Govt Shutdown Shakes Stability of Jobs That Are Often Best Around: @washingtonpost .@RevJJackson

@SantitaJ TODAY: @WCPT820; 2-5pC/3-6pE; 773.763.WCPT/9278; #FacebookLive: WCPT 820 Chicago's Progressive Talk

Twitter: @santitaj


https://t.co/mVFE0FFtLQ: Hotel dishwasher awarded $21 million after boss made her work on Sundays: @NBCNews @RevJJackson

.@SantitaJ TODAY on @WCPT820: 2-5pC/3-6pE; 773.763.WCPT/9278; #FacebookLive: WCPT 820Chicago's Progressive Talk

Twitter: @santitaj

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