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Birmingham, Alabama

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3/25 Richard Dixon Hour 1: Mark 'Spud' Friedman and Steve West Guest-Host https://t.co/nWTzHMCdpH via @Audioboom #BigStupidQuestionOfTheDay

3/25 Woode and Vining Show Hour 1: Reaction to the Mueller Report and Technology. https://t.co/p0U1xehrao via @Audioboom #talk995 #realtalk

3/25 On the Grill Presented by ABSCO Fireplace & Patio https://t.co/OyU5EJSFkT via @Audioboom

3/25 Matt & Aunie Hour 4: Todd Stacy Interview, On the Grill, and Nincompoops in the News. https://t.co/0u5pDtrNMy via @Audioboom

3/25 Todd Stacy https://t.co/RYidarPlz2 via @Audioboom #MuellerReport #talk995 #realtalk

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