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Morning! Here's what's up on The @DanKasper Show:

- Peralta pitches a gem, but the Brewers fall to the Cardinals.
- NFL schedule gets released today. What do you look for first?
- Bucks beat the Magic.
- Timeout with Morgs
- What If?
- Match Game

Good Morning! Here's what's up on The @DanKasper Show:

- Did Davante Adams just give Rodgers a big assist?
- Bucks fall to the Spurs
- Brewers back against the Cardinals
- Badgers Chat
- Timeout with Morgs
- The Card Shop
- New Release Tuesday
- Tell Me I'm Wrong

Do you think it's good that Rodgers and the Packers have been quiet throughout this standoff or should they make statements? @DanKasper and @JustusCleveland both say don't negotiate through the media!

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