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Colin Murray Cowherd is an American sports media personality. He is an American sports pundit best known for his opinions, brash reporting and various interactions with key figures in sports.
Born: January 6, 1964
Birthplace: Bay Center, Washington


"Aaron is the MVP of the league. We're going to talk about this. He's not Blaine Gabbert or Andy Dalton."

@ColinCowherd on Aaron Rodgers calling out the media:

"In New York, you need to prove you're tough enough to win. If you do, you have the keys to the city forever."

@ColinCowherd on the pressure facing Zach Wilson:

"Tonight is exactly why I defend players and their mobility."

@ColinCowherd explains why this years top prospects could face an uphill battle:

"You can't have a roster full of overpaid buddies in a salary cap league. 9 of the 11 players Green Bay made absolutely the right move."

@ColinCowherd takes a look at Aaron Rodgers' list of players he felt were disrespected by the Packers:

"Giannis didn't mention Michael Jordan, Magic, Bird... Almost all the great dynasties have been by guys that stayed with their team."

— @ColinCowherd on instagram post by Giannis:

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