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The Dan Patrick Show
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“Keep sleeping on Toronto…I would not be surprised if they could upset Milwaukee again. Collectively as a team, they’re as good as they get.” - @ReggieMillerTNT with the latest on the surging @Raptors + playoff outlooks for Celtics and Lakers

David Ayres started Saturday night as the zamboni driver. He finished it winning his NHL debut as the emergency goalie for the Carolina @Canes. Wild.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Muhammad Ali: Most Gifted

Mike Tyson: Most Feared

@ColinCowherd describes his favorite Heavyweight Boxers of all time with @JoyTaylorTalks:

21 year-old Jayson Tatum has made the Celtics a title contender:

"This is how a superstar is crafted... Yesterday Boston proved they are absolutely capable of winning the NBA championship." — @ColinCowherd

"When Green Bay drafted Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre was 35. Aaron Rodgers is currently 35... Don't kid yourself on this. They should draft Jordan Love if he's available." — @ColinCowherd

Tyson Fury is the new heavyweight champion after defeating Deontay Wilder.

@ColinCowherd explains how Fury staying true to himself prepared him for the moment:

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The findings of a new study that looked at the heart of a swimmer vs. the heart of a runner underscored how sensitive our bodies are to different types of exercise https://nyti.ms/2UizCqi

Round 1 Complete in the 2019 SCALB Junior Playoffs. Congrats to the final 14 teams advancing to the second round. Inman Post 45 receives an automatic bid to the State Tournament.

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