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“I’m still not a Lamar Jackson believer. I’ve seen this script before. I saw it with Tim Tebow, Vince Young, and RGIII. You can’t make a living as a QB in the NFL running the football. Sooner or later, NFL defenders break you.” — @ClayTravis

“This is one of the most unbelievable stats I’ve seen so far this season: Wisconsin lost their game to Illinois despite the fact that Illinois didn’t have a red zone snap in the entire game. That is unbelievable.”—@ClayTravis

“There is a decent chance that Alabama will lose to LSU and lose on the road to Auburn. I think Alabama is a 10-2 team if Tua is not 100% healthy.”—@ClayTravis

“For a 5th straight year Jim Harbaugh won't be in a Big Ten Championship Game. He arrived in Ann Arbor as the second coming of Urban Meyer — as Nick Saban incarnate. Michigan believed he would make them relevant on a national stage. What happened? Absolute collapse.”—@ClayTravis

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