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“Baker Mayfield is claiming that his criticism of Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is not a story. You show me where a starting quarterback has ever pointed to a rookie quarterback and said he shouldn’t have been drafted where he was. It's a huge story.” — @ClayTravis

“When you take a shot at a first round quarterback and you're another quarterback, it’s going to be a huge story. Don’t backpedal like Baker Mayfield is doing and claim you didn’t say it. You said it.” — @ClayTravis on Baker Mayfield’s criticism of Daniel Jones

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@ClayTravis. Topics: Baker rips Jones, says quote out of context, Jimmy G looks awful, OBJ, Nike paying players, Athletic hits 600k https://t.co/l8ujulaM7W

“I’m not saying Baker Mayfield isn’t going to be good. I’m saying that he is so insanely overhyped relative to the results that he has put forward — in terms of beating quality opponents — that it is wild.” -- @ClayTravis

“Getting my verb choice corrected by a hooker in an elevator — when I said “seduce” and she said “solicit” — was a shot across the bow. That was as deflating of a blow as I have gotten in a long time.”—@ClayTravis

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