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Richard Clay Travis is an American sports journalist, writer, television analyst, and the morning radio show host for nationwide Fox Sports Radio from 6-9 am EST and appears on FS1’s daily sports gambling show Lock It In.
Born: April 6, 1979
Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
Education: Vanderbilt University


“Major League Baseball is in danger of losing another generation of fans if they don’t get this thing resolved in a hurry. And this isn’t even over health; it’s over money.”—@ClayTravis

Here's today's full Outkick the Show on YouTube with
@ClayTravis. Topics: Coronavirus update, MLB, NBA returns, more Tiger-Phil, police deaths https://youtu.be/oO0cTRnNnNA

My thoughts on the launch of HBO Max:

- Strong offering with unlimited challenges
- Lord of the Rings is its Star Wars, but it will bolster Amazon's upcoming series
- Will attract à la carte subscribers
- Failed to launch on Amazon and Roku

“’Ordinary guy golf’ is actually a huge marketplace on TV. I would rather watch someone occasionally hit shots like I hit than watch a pro play all the time. Charles Barkley playing some guy like me, for instance, would be riveting TV.”—@ClayTravis

“I'm optimistic that they'll find a way and yes, @ClayTravis, I believe that by the early middle part of next week is going to be the really crucial time to make sure that they have a deal ready to roll.” - @JonMorosi on Outkick this AM

Full clip here -> https://youtu.be/HrwQST0PCqU

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