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Richard Clay Travis is an American sports journalist, writer, television analyst, and the morning radio show host for nationwide Fox Sports Radio from 6-9 am EST and appears on FS1’s daily sports gambling show Lock It In.
Born: April 6, 1979
Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
Education: Vanderbilt University


“This story transcends sports because it combines the two greatest fears shared by all parents -- losing a child and having something happen to you so you can't raise your children.”—@ClayTravis on Kobe Bryant

“If you have an opportunity to tell your loved ones you love them, take advantage of that because life is fleeting and short.”—@ClayTravis on Kobe Bryant

“A lot of athletes struggle when they leave behind a sport, yet Kobe Bryant had become a selfless version of himself who was focused on his children.”—@ClayTravis

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