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Chris Wichard Broussard is an American sports analyst and commentator for Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports Radio. He is best known for his coverage of the NBA.
Born: October 28, 1968
Place: Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Rest In Peace & Power, Sekou Smith. Met him when he was covering the Pacers early in his career and enjoyed watching his rise. Always found him to be a great, honorable, loyal & funny brother. Prayers up for his family 🙏🏼

Was Tom Brady more lucky or good against GB? Did LaFleur cost Aaron Rodgers a Super Bowl? Is Mahomes a victim of his own success? & more! Guests: @NFLSTROUD @RodWoodson26 @AndrewBrandt

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Hey @Chris_Broussard , I’ve been on Twitter all day but it’s so quiet that it reminds me of rats urinating on cotton. Have you seen @RobParkerFS1 ? I heard his favorite QB is gonna watch the Super Bowl on the couch like me. Let him know I’m looking for him... @FoxSportsRadio #MVP

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