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The same people who denied CTE. Same people who blackballed @Kaepernick7. Same owners who funded Trump > SOB players. Same commissioner who handed out suspensions unevenly. Now, this laughable "player safety" policy. Leadership without logic or purpose... https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1281258594646855683

Tom Pelissero@TomPelissero

NFL teams will be forbidden from postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other and jersey exchanges between players will be prohibited during the 2020 season, sources say.

Another way the NFL will look different in the COVID-19 world.

Nestor: You want to know why we did Baltimore Positive? Look no further than this one... https://baltimorepositive.com/podcast/episode-241-cooking-up-love-and-feeding-compassion-at-franciscan-center-during-pandemic/

Nestor: It's summer and I need new barbeque. Legit stuff. Ever since Harborque left the neighborhood, we have abstained. Who has the best BBQ in Baltimore? P.S. Sides matter...a lot!

Nestor: Today is #NationalFriedChickenDay. It is also ChickenPalooza! Celebrate with legit local awesomeness. Oh, and I will be lobbying for a National Western Fries day soon... #RoFo

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