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Douglas Mitchell Gottlieb is a former NCAA collegiate and professional basketball player, as well as a basketball analyst and sports talk radio host. He now works for FOX Sports, Pac-12 Network and CBS Sports after tenures with ESPN.
Born: January 15, 1976
Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Height: 6′ 1″
Spouse: Angie Gottlieb (m. 2000)
Education: Oklahoma State University (1997–2000), Notre Dame College (1995–1996), Tustin High School, Golden West College


I’m no Mike McCarthey fan, but I would love to know the team that loses both OTs, their starting QB and their center retires and they are still good.

📺@GottliebShow: "When the Titans got in trouble when they had positive tests and still got together at a local park, I think that's how you know this is a BIG TIME football team. It just tells you that they've got great chemistry, and they've got a great thing going there."

Today's show - Why it was time for the #Packers to be humbled. Are the #Browns going to stick with Baker? Plus @DilfersDimes @joelklatt @ryanhoward

“Baker gave them hope because of his faith in himself, his belief in his ability to rise teammates up...but when under duress and he tries to win games on his own, he doesn’t have it. He just doesn’t!” -@GottliebShow

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