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Can the NBA pass the NFL in coming years as the most popular sport in the country?

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Lots to get to on @CBSSportsRadio 6-10 ET. @ReidForgrave, @TheRealJHair, my @CBSSportsHQ talk with @M_Ryan02. The NBA's big future, Kemba mania, Buy/Sell, juiced baseballs, more. Plus @StuartKovacsCBS & @Ryan_Hickey3. Listen:

"I'm not going to overreact to Mickey Callaway. It was benign."

@BrandonTierney is NOT hearing people who are ripping the Mets Manager for cursing out a reporter

.@RicBucher says the Clippers are "panicked" about prospects of landing Kawhi Leonard

"Clippers have been the leader in the clubhouse all this time but I can tell you they are panicked and if push came to shove, I would say the Raptors have the better chance as of right now"

Is it fair for media members to bring up a player/ coaches family life when critiquing there on-field performance?

@BrandonTierney debates after a long-time KC Host brought up Andy Reid's troubled children in discussing his coaching acumen


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