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Flag for excessive football in Eagles-Saints game. Will be assessed on the kickoff. Two-hand-touch here we come.

Got a W, but learned no lessons. Played for a long field goal with a shook kicker. Took home a timeout. No attempt at a TD. Season is alive, but unfortunately so is Garrett’s job.

The four words that will take down the dynasty: “We don’t need you.”
Yeah, the “don’t need you” is KD’s nightmare. Twitter come to life. The reason for burner accounts.
But the real dagger: the “we”.

Why are so many people eager to predict the demise of the 🐐 Tom Brady?

@willcain says it's because we hate greatness

TODAY'S @willcain POD:
-Teams w/ the most pressure to win the Super Bowl this year
-Is Trubisky this year's Goff? @Andy_Benoit weighs in
-Will rants about people rooting for Tom Brady's demise
-Plus @JasonWitten @TMatich & a Glickman update

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