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Like the AFC East has provided a comfortable starting point for the Pats dynasty each year (byes and homefield advantage in the playoffs) I think AFC West is set up for a long Chiefs run each year.

TODAY'S @willcain POD:
-People are suggesting Zion should shut it down & prep for the draft...where has the value of life experience gone?
-CFB transfers have become free agency
-Kyrie apologizes to LeBron
-Plus @MelKiperESPN on his 1st mock draft

Today we’re told it’s high powered offenses that are needed to win in the NFL. Yesterday it was QBs on rookie deals. Before that, defense. The only true formula for longer term winning, long term value, is adaptability. Belichick is Buffett of NFL.

TODAY'S @willcain POD:
-Belichick is the Warren Buffett of the NFL
-"Defense Wins Championships" isn't dead
-Ranking the 4 coaches left in the playoffs
-People think serving Clemson players fast food is racist?
-Plus the trial of Caller Cole

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