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TODAY'S @willcain POD:
-Day 2 of "The Will Cain Show Extreme Tournament Eating Challenge"
-We're getting to a bad place if what Tom Izzo did offended you
-Who are the guys that can actually coach LeBron?
-Plus @damienwoody @MedcalfByESPN & @SethOnHoops

I’ve truly enjoyed watching your project of trying to protect an entire generation from ever experiencing failure, ever being knocked down, ever being yelled at, telling them masculinity is toxic, & teaching them that being an outrage broker on social media is height of morality.

Ken LaVicka@KLV1063

I have truly enjoyed the people trying to desperately prove their masculinity to the world by mocking those who dare question the behavior of Tom Izzo. We get it, you ooze testosterone, you hairly, manly beings.

Oh no, I just saw Bobby Hurley red faced yell at one of his players. Fire up the Twitter outrage! Protect the children!

If UVA loses again they’re going to have to be banned from the NCAA Tournament for awhile. Banished to NIT for half a decade.

TODAY'S @willcain POD:
-"The Will Cain Show Extreme Tournament Eating Challenge"
-The staff eats some nasty food & Ceruti almost pukes
-@dandakich stops by
-Plus the Kap/NFL grievance was under $10 million & a lot of people were wrong to assume he won

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