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Born: December 16, 1968
Birthplace: Jersey City, NJ
Education: University of Miami
Net Worth: $1 million (


THE MARTY PARTY COMETH!.....tix avail at @LeBatardShow @Stugotz790 @MichaelRyanRuiz @roybelly @chriscote954 @ChrisWittyngham @valerieeebrooke @AllysonTurner @wynwoodyard @gregcote @angelresto28 @unclescotchy

The @LeBatardShow UCF National Championship Trophy will be at @TheMOATUCF tailgate at 4 PM. Rumor has it there might be some t-shirts too. 4000 Central Florida Blvd next to the Health and Public Affairs Building. Right off Memory Mall. #ChargeOn

Here are @Stugotz790's #CFB picks for week 12. Whether you take his picks or fade them - best of luck to you!

But yeah... you probably want to go opposite his picks.
- Lorenzo

Thanks again to @MichaelRyanRuiz for joining @ESPN580Nick and @ESPN580CC on the show today. A reminder, you can find him, the @LeBatardShow National Championship trophy, and whatever t-shirts we have left at the MOAT/KnightForce One at the tailgate this afternoon!!!

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