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.@TheAthletic is expanding its college football coverage and I’m excited to announce I'm joining @TheAthleticCFB to cover Oregon full-time.

Here’s why I’m joining:

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"Open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!" - @ReggieBush gave @ChrisHogan_15 a catchy nickname on #HardKnocks in 2012 with the @MiamiDolphins 7⃣ / 1⃣1⃣

Happy #7ElevenDay!
@Patriots @7eleven

Alex Bregman hit no-doubt-about-it two home runs tonight. Then he got a totally bizarre walk-off dribbler (E2) in front of the plate in the 11th that traveled about six feet. Baseball is a funny game.

It is a NEGOTIATED relationship. NFL players are uniquely talented individuals who largely do things few else can do and the NFL gives each team a unique monopoly--and cuts up the national money--in a very socialist way. As negotiated with the union.

Is that your status, too?

If your Tuesday is off to a rough start, just be happy you weren't a football player at Whittier College in 1986. Here is video Christian Okoye demolishing the Poets.

George Springer on calling Kyle Tucker Ted: "When he was drafted they compared him to Ted Williams. So Ted is now Ted."

Wait a damn second hold up. Did Jordan Bell really swat somebody’s dunk and then look at Donovan Mitchell’s girlfriend and say call me?

Summer MVP 🏆

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