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Jameis Winston was so excited to get his job back in the first half.

CJ just compared the Blazers to the Browns in respect to finding ways to lose games that they were supposed to win. That’s a little aggressive, but as a Browns fan, @CJMcCollum has a more positive view of that team than the rest of America. So keep that in mind.

Dame shouts out Bamboo Sushi. The people of Portland can rest easy. Damian Lillard doesn’t hate a local sushi joint.

Stotts: Collins’ role will be dependent on who he’s on the floor with. Adds that Ed Davis was a great player to be paired with him as a rookie... Ed wore a lot of hats. Collins’ mentor was a pretty big one.

Zach Collins was the #1 rated defender in Summer League, according to Neil Olshey. So there’s that...

I am not sure how many of my NFL followers realize that Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes played a game where they combined for 1,279 yards and 12 touchdowns passing.

It was real, and it was spectacular

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