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Todd Peterson told his coach he hit “bombs” in high school. He was full of crap.

Love this show every year from @DirtAndSprague! Helping the men and women that serve our country after they get home. Coolin’ for a Cause! If you want to help out:

As someone with a Pre poster on my wall growing up, a trip with the family is in order. Steve Prefontaine's legacy is mountainous. In just 24 years on earth, Pre's legacy is still inspiring athletes 40+ years later. Well done, @AndrewGreif!

Who is going to bring back the Payne Stewart look? @RickieFowler gave it a run... #INeedMoreKnickersAndKangols


#B1GAfterDark is in full effect, and that's when things get weird.

Like @IlliniBaseball's Michael Michalak breaking his *aluminum* bat on a swing. 🤔

Golden State finished this game like they started it. Pretty fitting a turnover seals this one.

CHRIS PAUL: my friends tryna get me hyped up to attend a function after 7 pm

JAMES HARDEN: me reluctantly agreeing to go knowing imma bail later

That clip of Chris Paul trying to get James Harden hyped is all you need to know about this Rockets team. It is CP3's team. Harden is Robin. Robin that scores a lot.

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