The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

3pm – 4pm
WAXY 790AM “The Ticket”
South Miami, Florida


.@J_No24 Isn't a rookie in the NFL but he's still a rookie on this show 😏Thanks for stopping by!

You can't tell from the look on Dan's face, but an intriguing guest joins us at the beach today 🤔

📺ESPN ⌚️4:30 PM ET

@LeBatardShow is having one of those days where they're in the weeds talking about nonsense. Love and get the show, but I'm gonna wait for the podcast so I can fast forward through 40 minutes of discussion on the 20+ year old Titanic movie.

The @LeBatardShow Therapy Couch is now the best bit in all of MEDIA and it's not even close

.@MichaelRyanRuiz is a musical genius.

(ft. @LeBatardShow vomit and a @minakimes limited fake)

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