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William Timothy Cowlishaw is an American sportswriter for The Dallas Morning News, a regular panelist on the ESPN sports talk show Around the Horn and formerly the lead reporter for the ESPN2 racing show NASCAR Now.
Born: March 31, 1955 (age 63), Tulsa, OK


Don’t recall being this interested in a Ricky Rubio game before now...

4 in a row for Caps! And as favor to friends and 1 family member who cheers for them I will NOT pick Caps in next round!

Cowboys DL David Irving's girlfriend issues statement retracting DV claims: "I was very upset and made some allegations that were false...David did not put his hands on me at any time"

Before the Horn @bomani_jones @GlobeBobRyan @SarahSpain @TimCowlishaw disagree about whether overtime is worth it if you are at a game

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