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William Timothy Cowlishaw is an American sportswriter for The Dallas Morning News, a regular panelist on the ESPN sports talk show Around the Horn and formerly the lead reporter for the ESPN2 racing show NASCAR Now.
Born: March 31, 1955 (age 63), Tulsa, OK


And you’re apparently not smarter than this.

Not saying this to be mean or smart ass. Hardaway out will not have a large negative impact on team. For most part Mavs are losing all their games anyway. #WhenTankingIsntTanking

TexasFan 63, 69, 70 & 05@texasfan_19

@TimCowlishaw U see Tim Hardway Jr out for rest of season man they must really want that top 5 pick.

This is really kind of simple. Dallas gets enormous ratings even when team is average. Lions just long tradition they don’t choose to mess with. Someone has to play while America eats and waits for Cowboys...


@RomeVanLara23 @TimCowlishaw My point being WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE A DALLAS HOME GAME!!

We talked on radio whether 1’s and 2’s should be called “high seeds” or “ low seeds.” I get in car, broadcaster of Florida-Nevada goes “the higher seeded teams are the home teams. Or lower seeds if you prefer.” We must resolve this! March Madness is a Crisis of Confusion!

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