WAYA 100.9FM

WAYA 100.9FM
“Way FM”
Studio Request Line: (855) 339-2936
Website: https://www.wayfm.com
Format: Christian Contemporary
North Charleston, South Carolina


Doubt is normal and natural. Don't be scared of it. You are not alone.


During a photo shoot to promote @wayfmradio's new "Faith Over Fear"t-shirts, Wally saw it as a opportunity to show off all he's learned from binging America's Next Top Model 🤪 📸 #strikeapose #bluesteel #bootytooch q

What does racial bias look like in our lives? What is the Church’s role in the current movement? @loswhit joined us for a powerful conversation that starts with a beautiful story about a bunny statue. 🐰 https://bit.ly/2UXk6yg

Betty Rock isn't always confrontational but when she is, it involves threats to whoever stole her food and #chucknorris... #donutholes #wehaveafoodthief #donottakebettysfood #shewillcutyou 🍩

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