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While prayer is the foundation of all that we do as Catholics, we know that we cannot stop there. Mercy must also be shown in our actions. https://relevantradio.com/2021/04/how-to-show-mercy-even-to-those-who-have-hurt-you/

As important as coffee? Now that's some high praise! Tune in to Relevant Radio today to uplift and nourish YOUR soul! http://relevantradio.com

The latest installment of our 19 on the 19th series for the Year of St. Joseph is from @patrickmadrid! Find it here... https://relevantradio.com/2021/04/understanding-the-fatherhood-of-st-joseph/

Prayer intentions from tonight's rosary @relevantradio

Jackie from CA-friend w/parkinsons

Ash CA-for granddaughter's health

Maria IL-my ill nephew

Andrea MN-niece's b-day

Juana IL-daughter's b-day

Jasmin NJ-those w/mental illness

Sheila TX-for my surgery

Reflecting on the similarities and differences between the Muslim observance of Ramadan and the Catholic observance of Lent, @CaleClarke posed this question: is the God that Muslims and Catholics worship the same God? https://relevantradio.com/2021/04/do-christians-and-muslims-worship-the-same-god-2/

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