“Star 99.1”
Studio Request Line: (800) 791-0991
Website: http://www.star991.com
Format: Christian Contemporary
Zarephath, New Jersey


It's National Chocolate Day so chocolate...all. day. long. Who am I kidding? It's chocolate all month long, lol. What's your favorite chocolate treat? #nationalchocolateday #chocolate #star991 #star991fm

You may not be able to go to the mission field to spread the Gospel but you can give to Star 99.1 & be a part of delivering the Gospel and providing hope to nearly 10 million people in our area. 888-782-7991 to donate or click below. http://bit.ly/2gE0Tkk #star991 #star991fm

There will always be challenges. We will always be busy. Isn't it nice to have a voice in the background breathing hope & encouragement into your days? Consider giving to the work God is doing in our area. http://bit.ly/2gE0Tkk

We here this from so many people. It isn't US, it's God working through YOU - keeping us on the air and touching hearts. #star991 #star99fm #musicthatmatters

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