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Website: http://www.star991.com
Format: Christian Contemporary
Zarephath, New Jersey


...and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

The Amplified Bible explains “binds up their wounds” this way: healing their pain & comforting their sorrow.

Whatever pain or sorrow you are experiencing, He is there with you & will carry you through to complete healing. #star991

Anyone else heading down the shore? Gotta beat the heat somehow this weekend! Be safe & enjoy!! #star991 #star991fm #friyay #weekendvibes

We all are right?

Stay hydrated. Pets too! Check on the elderly to make sure they are ok. Limit time outside as much as possible. And pray for those that have no choice but to work outside like our firefighters, emergency response people, construction & utility workers, etc.

Do you have old prescription glasses or out of style sunglasses buried in drawers? We want them! The Star car will be @ Panera in Bloomfield at 10:30am this Friday 7/19. Visit our website for more ways to donate, including mailing glasses to us. #star991 https://t.co/iqd3QTIcgc

I've had to remind myself that this is a promise & not just something I hope is true. God IS faithful. God WILL make a way out so you can endure. #star991 #star991fm #verseoftheday #godisfaithful

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