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Can you trust the info coming out of China?
We invited Bree Dail & Jack Posobiec, two experts in Strategic Communications & Military Intelligence to join us at 5 pm ET to discuss this important topic.
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Please Pray for the Release of
Bishop James Su Zhimin & Bishop Augustin Cui Ta.
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Our Lady of Sheshan, pray for us!

Today @ElizabethYore returns to the show at 5 pm ET Today for #ChinaWeek to discuss the Special Reports she filed with the #UnitedNations about #ReligiousFreedom
@iCatholicRadio @1060AMWQOM #CatholicTwitter

Mon: America’s Dependence on ChinaRX
Tues: Arrest of Underground Catholic Bishops
Wed: Military & Misinformation
Thur: One-Child Policy
Fri: HKs Religious Freedom
@CardJosephZen @ElizabethYore @BreeaDail @JackPosobiec @StevenWMosher @Rosemary100

As we approach this #IndependenceDay Weekend,
We bring you an ENCORE with Tim Gordon on
"Why America Will Perish Without Rome" today at 5pm ET. @iCatholicRadio @Timotheeology
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