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Why Are Millennials Turning to Tradition? That's the question Catholic blogger, author and speaker, Scott Smith discusses with Fr McTeigue today at 5pm on The @CatholicCurrent Call In or Text: 1-877-511-5483 @iCatholicRadio @1060AMWQOM

We have two Jesuits on the air talking about truth, what could go wrong?

The Catholic Current is live with Fr. Robert McTeigue and Fr. Joseph Fessio. Tune in now!

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Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J. will be on The Catholic Current today at 5pm EST to discuss The Power Of Truth.
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So, let's get this straight...

This is an awful, sick, disgusting thing that hearkens back to Auschwitz, but we don't want it to get political? We don't want it to infringe on the sacred right to so-called "privacy"?

Come, Lord Jesus. #WakeUp #LoveWillEndAbortion

Jason Calvi@JasonCalvi

Mayor @PeteButtigieg weighs in on the finding of more than 2,000 fetal remains at the home of deceased former South Bend abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer.

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