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Yesterday's show with @JZmirak was great. He made a connection between #Immigration and #Abortion.
The conversation on #ImmigrationReform and #OpenBordersInc continues today at 5pm with @MichelleMalkin.
@iCatholicRadio @1060AMWQOM https://www.thestationofthecross.com/event/immigration-then-abortion/

Because we reached our goal by Nov. 15th, we'll receive an additional $20,000 gift from a benefactor. Thank you for your generous response to our Fall Appeal. Nov. 20th is the deadline to be eligible for Fall Appeal gifts (including Holy Land trip raffle) http://tinyurl.com/wf5dc9w

#ThxBirthControl for the rises in marital infidelity, objectification of women, and government "healthcare" coercion. Over 50 years ago, Pope Paul VI predicted that widespread use of contraception would contribute to these societal ills. https://www.catholic.com/magazine/online-edition/the-three-prophecies-of-humanae-vitae

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