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Want to take a #Lenten Journey with Mother Mary? @FrEdwardLooney is here at 5pm EST to tell you why Mary is the ideal prayer partner! @iCatholicRadio @SophiaInsPress @1060AMWQOM @iCatholicMusic @KnowTheFaith @AleteiaEN #CatholicTwitter #AveMaria http://thestationofthecross.com/event/lenten-journey-with-mary/

For information about the Diocese of Buffalo’s reorganization please go: http://bit.ly/2PsNYzR

The reorganization page can also be accessed on our Diocesan website.

Seattle archbishop puts Kennedy Catholic school president on leave of absence until the end of school year |⁦@seattletimes⁩ https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/education/seattle-archbishop-puts-kennedy-catholic-school-president-on-leave-of-absence-until-the-end-of-school-year/

A lot of people are talking about socialism nowadays, including Catholics. But many don't know the reasons that led to the Catholic Church's condemnation of socialism. @Trent_Horn and @CRPakaluk cover all of that and more in "Can a Catholic Be a Socialist?", now available online.

Today at 5pm ET @DrJRobackMorse, President of the @RuthInstitute explains why she warned #Uganda about the new colonialism of the Sexual Revolution. @iCatholicRadio @1060AMWQOM @ntvuganda @obianuju http://thestationofthecross.com/event/uganda-and-imperialism/

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