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Program Guide

Choices led Jimmy to solitary confinement. Hear his testimony at 8:00pm ET/PT and Sunday 2:00am & 10:30pm ET/PT on BBN. http://ow.ly/ERQw50EkOht

Listen for encouragement in your faith by seeing how scientific evidence supports the Bible. Today at 3:30pm ET/PT learn about how our Universe relates to Creation. http://ow.ly/Pici50EkO7t

Today we begin 2 Samuel for Daily Bible Reading. Our passage is 2 Samuel 1-3. Listen today at 3:00pm ET/PT on BBN and read online at http://ow.ly/1oCd50EkPiz.

In I John 3 there are three statements that help us understand God and to live our faith. Tune in at 8:00pm ET/PT for Dr. Hubbard's Bible Study Living Your Faith . http://ow.ly/j7sR50EkNnk

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