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In these troubled times, people are turning on SBN to be comforted by music and ministry that calms the mind and reassures the heart. Please help us during our Share-a-thon by visiting or call our US toll free number at 1-888-768-3401.

It is the plan of God for every believer to overcome every Goliath, and to stand fully victorious on that prostrate enemy. That’s where you are intended to be and that’s where you can be, but only by the power of the cross.

A Weekly Word – Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

You love God, but there’s a giant in your life that’s hurting you and causing you problems. You’ve tried this and that, and you still haven’t gained victory over it. I want that to sink in: it’s a giant. You cannot defeat it on your own.

A Weekly Word – Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

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