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KXWA 101.9FM
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Website: https://www.wayfm.com
Format: Christian Contemporary
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Featured Hosts
The Wally Show
CJ and Joy
Kelly Corday
The Brant Hansen Show

Doubt is normal and natural. Don't be scared of it. You are not alone.


During a photo shoot to promote @wayfmradio's new "Faith Over Fear"t-shirts, Wally saw it as a opportunity to show off all he's learned from binging America's Next Top Model 🤪 📸 #strikeapose #bluesteel #bootytooch q

What does racial bias look like in our lives? What is the Church’s role in the current movement? @loswhit joined us for a powerful conversation that starts with a beautiful story about a bunny statue. 🐰 https://bit.ly/2UXk6yg

Betty Rock isn't always confrontational but when she is, it involves threats to whoever stole her food and #chucknorris... #donutholes #wehaveafoodthief #donottakebettysfood #shewillcutyou 🍩

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