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Loveland, Colorado


"Can anything good come out of Commerce City" (besides, well, commerce)?


For starters, Redemption Calvary - a Commerce City / Redemption Area church plant with Pastor Cody King, whose program "Redemption Radio," airs Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri on GraceFM.

Tune in at 8PM.

When not dealing with fires, traffic accidents, and medical calls - they hit the mountains.

This month, to send crews and their trucks, "Brush 13" and "Tender 15," to help fight the Cameron Peak Fire (now 3rd largest in CO history).

Many thanks and prayers @AuroraFireDpt

Do you have "a divided heart?"

Pastor John Schaffer takes on the topic of being likeminded with Jesus, today on "First Love Radio," at 7PM.

Refresh 2020 is 10/9-10 in Aurora, CO!

Get refreshed in ministry, encouraged in fellowship, and strengthened in faith with two days of bible study, fellowship, and guest worship.

Register at https://calvaryco.church/refresh, and call us with any questions at 303-628-7200.

Are you looking for a church in Colorado Springs?

Check out Pastor Al Pittman's church (Calvary Worship Center) and his program on GraceFM at 7AM / 5:30PM M-F ("The Dwelling Place").

Find out about both at https://cwccs.org

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