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Website: https://gracefm.com
Format: Religious
Loveland, Colorado


Can't go to a mid-week service in person?

Tune in at 7PM tonight on http://GraceFM.com or the GraceFM App to hear a LIVE service from Calvary Church with Ed Taylor.

You can also watch the services online at

This day in 1887, Scottish missionary to Yemen and champion cyclist, Ion Keith-Falconer, passed away at 30 years old.

Whatever you do, live BOLDLY for JESUS, as none are guaranteed tomorrow.

Do you have a heart to take Jesus abroad?

Check out https://calvaryco.church/missions

GraceFM has great Bible teachers from Colorado and the rest of the U.S.!

Check them out at https://gracefm.com/programs/bible-teachers

Take a Mom to church this Mother's Day, pray for her, and thank her for the sacrifices she makes for her family.

If you need to find a church near her, you can find a few good ones at https://gracefm.com/churches

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