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Reflecting on the similarities and differences between the Muslim observance of Ramadan and the Catholic observance of Lent, @CaleClarke posed this question: is the God that Muslims and Catholics worship the same God?

Today on The @FaithExpained Show (12:30 Central on @relevantradio): Joseph was thrown into a pit because of dreams. Now, dreams secure his freedom. It’s Joseph before Pharaoh (#Genesis 41)! 🎧: #Catholic #BibleStudy

Bob cried as he recounted the painful memories of that day, but thanks be to God, this story has a happy ending! @patrickmadrid @PMadridShow

The Walk to Mary is coming up on May 1st. Here's why you should consider joining!

Here’s a great piece from ⁦@LindseyKettner⁩ on a segment I had on the ⁦@CaleClarkeShow⁩ on ⁦@relevantradio⁩: “Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?“

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